FRESH from our family to you

LuvaBerry is a small family-owned farm in Queensland with a mighty mission – to promote a farming culture that values quality produce, community, and sustainability practices that take a stance against waste. For thirteen years, we’ve proudly provided Australia with strawberries just the way you love them – sweet, juicy, and packed with flavour. 



Nothing tastes as good as fresh strawberries, picked only when all-over-red ready, full of sweet juicy flavour. Just like the old days.

Our high quality strawberries are picked and packed, same day, to be sent to premium markets across Australia.

For locals, you can buy directly from us, in any quantity starting at one kilogram. Reduce plastic and bring your own container. Contact us to organise a time.

During our harvest season from May to October we have regular open day events. We celebrate July school holidays with our “tractors and tutus” pick-your-own event. August is Strawberry Sunday – part of the Caboolture Festival – and we welcome in spring during September school holidays. For more information please see our facebook events.

Enjoy our beautiful gardens, see our passion and taste our produce in the fields on a small group tour morning tea. Email to plan your visit.

Order online to pick up in Wamuran.
Email for all wholesale and export enquiries.


Available via local pickup at our carpark parties, or direct from our farm.

Order online to pick up in Wamuran.
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Getting Innovative

We worked with others to come up with new options for our beautiful fruit: other farms, industry groups, food producers, designers. Our freeze-dried range is just the beginning and we have more ideas just waiting to happen. 

One foodie collaboration resulted in our unique strawberry chocolate. One bar of chocolate equals nearly a punnet of fresh fruit. Our crunchy strawberries are wrapped in Swiss white chocolate and coated with strawberry Dust. Another proud collaboration is our freeze-dried Luvabite – made from pure fruit, local coconut yoghurt and macadamias. 

Order online or register to know when the next carpark party is in your area.


We have created a variety of delicious and nutritious freeze-dried products with all the flavour and colour of fresh fruit – without any nasties. You can now enjoy the benefits of fresh berries anywhere, anytime.

Our Dust and Crunch products now include strawberry, raspberry and blueberry. Dust onto your cereal, yoghurt or chia puddings; roll into protein balls; blend into icings and butter creams. Pack Crunch for a take-anywhere, anytime snack, available in individual and family-pack sizes. Order online. 

Our Australian-made freeze-dried products are pure fruit from local farms. No added sugar, preservatives or chemicals, our berry range is suitable for diabetic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo and keto diets. Enjoy all the health benefits of fresh fruit in a crunchy snack or colourful dust.

Order online.

Register to know when the next carpark party is in your area.  

Email for all wholesale and export enquiries. Wholesale stock list to be released shortly.


The How: Fusion Farming

LuvaBerry integrates organic farming methods to reduce the chemicals used on our plants. This is called Fusion Farming: we look after the farm as a whole, keeping the soil healthy and using less chemicals, which results in us growing healthy juicy red Queensland strawberries.

The Why: Making a Difference

After watching the ABC War on Waste series, we were motivated to not only reduce our own waste, but to help other farmers with theirs. Read more about LuvaBerry’s War on Waste.

The Why: Lifestyle

It’s a lifestyle factor, we are fortunate to have three generations as part of the team, and we get to bring up our children in a way that provides them with life skills, living consciously with the land and providing for the community. 

The How: People

We have shared our culture with, and provided work for, many international visitors during strawberry season. We love it when they come back and visit, and especially when we visited some old friends in Japan last year! For us, those friendships affirm our good employment record.