Raspberry Dust Souffle Pancakes

Another amazing recipe from Zoe on Instagram, she’s always creating beautiful things so check out her page!

Raspberry Dust Souffle Pancakes


4 Eggs Seperated

100g Caster Sugar

200g Milk of Choice (Dairy Free Alt or Cow will work)

240g Self Raising Flour (GF or Normal)

¼ tsp Salt

15g Raspberry Dust (Any dust would work here)


  • With an electric mixer get your Egg Whites mixing on the highest speed. Once soft peaks start to form, gradually add your Sugar. Keep this mixing until the Sugar is dissolved and you have nice thick peaks.
  • Meanwhile in a separate bowl mix together the Egg Yolks and Milk. Gradually add the Flour, Salt, Raspberry Dust. This mix will be fairly thick. 
  • Once your Egg White mixture is ready slowly fold the mixtures together allowing the mix to remain as fluffy as possible. 
  • Use either an electric crepe pan or a pan on the stove. Relatively low heat, once the air bubbles on top have started to pop and the bottom is golden flip them over. Repeat until all the mix is used. 
  • To serve I used Almond Yoghurt, Extra freeze Dried Berries and a little Maple Syrup. Enjoy!

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