Yogurt Bites

We’ve been playing around with our wonderful freeze-dry dusts (3 for $55 and free Aus shipping) and love how easy but creative moulds are!

Our freeze-dry dust can be added to your smoothie, cereal or yogurt or sprinkle over ice cream. They’re pure fruit so have all the benefits of fruit with no added preservatives, sugars or colours.

We’ve been seeing moulds popping up in Coles and Woolworths, but eBay/Amazon has a great selection too.

Everything from seasonal Santas to unicorns and pineapples. These hearts are a favourite of ours.

We take our favourite yogurt and add a teaspoon of dust, you can add more for a deeper colour.

Once it’s mixed in and you’re happy with the colour, the next step is to add to your mould.

It’s important to make sure there’s no air bubbles and if you have an intricate shape; that you get into all the corners. We often use a fork/knife or a kebab stick to poke into the corners to make sure there’s no air trapped there.

Once you’re happy you’ve filled the moulds correctly (sometimes this is trial and error), you pop it in the freezer to set!

We’ve even tried experimenting with half strawberry dust (pink) and half blueberry dust (purple) – check out the pineapple image below.

Here’s some examples of the final product:


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