Our War on Waste

War on Waste

FROZEN Strawberries

The focus this strawberry season, is our war on waste. Strawberries gathered from our fields after rain are often thrown away. This year, for the second time, Luvaberry is saving these damaged, but deliciously edible, berries and freezing them in 1.5 kilo bags.

Our farm attitude has shifted, Luvaberry is not accepting that these berries need to be wasted. This year we are wanting the foodies – the jammers, the cooks, the bakers and the restaurateurs – we are linking with like-minded people in our war against waste to ensure these lovely berries, packed full of health benefits, don’t go to waste.

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I want to buy your fruit that has been lovingly grown locally in our sunshine... Power to the people, this initiative is so important for change.
R McBrien
Via our facebook page
Omg the freeze dried strawberries are divine. Trying to make a packet last for a while is a problem...They are absolutely delicious.
L Grice
We loved picking up berries in our local area – the grandchild ate them frozen straight after pick up. The fact we are able to contribute to the war on waste is so awesome.
j clarke

In Feature Magazine

Rebecca Fawcett-Smith spoke to Mandy Schultz about how the War on Waste started. Issue 37, May 2018.

“The difference that it’s making to the farms themselves is just huge, and seeing so many caring and concerned people who are willing to get involved is really touching.”

On ABC Radio Brisbane

On Breakfast with Craig Zonca and Rebecca Levingston, 4 December 2017

"How often do we hear about farmers dumping fruit and veg because it's either weather damaged or cosmetically not up to scratch?... Craig spoke to Mandy Shultz, a strawberry farmer out at Wamuran near Caboolture who's waging her own war on waste."

A look at Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

SBS discusses a recent documentary on the issue of global food waste.
"Wasted! takes us from the farm, to the supermarket, to the restaurant and into the home. At all levels, a gobsmacking volume of food is not only unnecessarily wasted, but almost all of that ends up in landfill."

Available for viewing at SBS On Demand.